Famous Whiskers / Facial Hair Styles

Nothing can reshape a face or add a dramatic look like facial hair styles. All facial styles, “Sideburns, Mustaches, Goatees and Beards are governed by the natural growth pattern and density of your beard. This simple yet dramatic addition can “accent facial features”, “mask its irregularities” and defiantly adds an “artsy stylish look”.

Whiskers can be shaped and styled to cover a ruddy complexion, shorten a wide upper lip, add width to a narrow face, balance a large nose, soften or accent sharp features, cover a scare, strengthen a weak chin or cover a double chin, make receding hairlines less noticeable and add years to a young face to name a few. Depending on the style you chose whiskers can give you a mature, stylish, artsy, rugged, dashing, sexy, intelligent, friendly, decisive, bold, aristocratic and distinguished look. What more can be said about the style power of whiskers?

Because whiskers grow quickly it only takes 7-10 days of growth to get started. Shaving around the edge will keep it looking groomed while growing out. If you like the look of a close beard use a clipper on the closest setting twice a week for a 5 o’clock shadowed look. At this point begin experimenting by removing the sides and keep a mustache or include the chin whiskers for an artsy goatee. To find the best looking shape and style for your face and features a visit with a salon stylist would be a excellent starting point.

If your up for a totally new look, before you start “sprouting whiskers” take a look at how many notable Hollywood actors use facial hair styles for the rolls they play and to enhance their personal appearance.

Throughout his career Errol Fynn used his thin “mustache” to complement his angular features and a small goatee for rolls as a dashing buccaneer. The handsome Clark Gable sported a shapely “chevron style mustache” to shorten his wide upper lip and full sideburns to mask his large ears.

To give his boyish good looks a mature look Leonardo DiCaprio sometimes wears a mustache and goatee. When Johnny Depp grew out his thin mustache and goatee for his roll as the swashbuckling pirate of the Caribbean young men begin sporting his “style pirate look”. Each hair style is based on the growth direction, coverage and density of the beard. A goatee is a “stylish way” to cover a double chin or widen a narrow one.

To accent his angular chin Sean Penn wears a stylish thin mustache and small goatee. Ashton Kutcher’s baby face gets a mature rugged look with a close clipped beard. To keep a close styled beard or goatee in shape use a clipper on the closest setting twice a week and shave around the edge. Facial hair is a quick way to add a mature look and balance facial features.

For a classic Wild West look Sam Elliott let his thick whiskers grow out for a long full handlebar mustache. For his roll as a gun slinger Viggo Mortenson wears a full mustache with wide lip goatee. Both of these styles were considered stylish for the time. If you’re the urban cowboy type or the real deal either of these stylish looks would be an excellent choice.

Tom Selleck’s trade mark mustache is widely considered the gold standard among mustached celebrities. He recently shave it off for a film but grew it back proving that you can’t keep a great looking stache’ off for long. Jack Black puts on a happy face and gives his round features a slimmer look with a mustache. Sporting a stache’ is a “stylish way” cover a wide or narrow upper lip and balance both large and small facial features.

For his bad ass image Bruce Willis shaved his head and added whiskers for a 5 o’clock shadow. Bruce occasionally sports a shapely goatee to fill out his chin and colors his beard. For those with hair loss shaving or clipping your hair super short and wearing a mustache, goatee or beard can add a bold stylish look.

When a movie roll calls for a distinguished look Anthony Hopkins wears a full brushed beard. For a rugged look George Clooney’s close clipped beard plays up his strong chin and jaw line. Wearing a shapely beard is a handsome look for both young and older men.

If you’re one of those dudes with a thick dark beard that looks like a 5 o’clock shadow by noon you may want to consider using those whiskers. Because facial hair styles are limited by the growth pattern and density, men with thick beards can wear any style imaginable. Blessed with movie star good looks and a thick beard to boot Mel Gibson often uses his whiskers for many characters he portrays.

Vote the sexiest man alive. The handsome Sean Connery is well known for his stylish whiskers. To define the shape Sean has always colored his mustache and eye brows and wears full sideburns to mask his large ears. This secret agent is loaded with panache’.

If this is your first time wearing whiskers you may be surprised to see it has grayed in spots. For some this can add a distinguished look. If you don’t like the gray you can use a eye brow pencil (the same shade as your natural color) and make-up brush to temporally cover over the gray or darken the edge to accent the shape. Because facial hair is course and resistant to hair dye its best to visit a salon colorist if you chose to use a permanent hair color. The stylist can guide you through the process and select the best shade to match you natural color.

When asked, women for the most part said they love the look of men with facial hair as long as it was well groomed. Care and shaping play a major roll if you want your whiskers to be a “turn on” not a “turn off”. To keep your whiskers clean and soft to the touch use a “shampoo instead of bar soap and hair conditioner” after to soften it. If the whiskers look a bit dry or frizzy a dab of styling cream will tame it. If you’re up for totally new look grow your beard out for week and visit a salon hair stylist to find the best style for your unique face shape and features.
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