Mother Nature’s Hairstyles

Much is known about the art of hairdressing. For centuries hair has been used to denote social status, authority, make a fashion statement and an art form. Because hair has been considered nothing more then a “fashion accessory” it has been cut, colored, curled, crimped, braided, straightened, twisted and arranged in every shape imaginable. In a relentless quest to make a fashion statement have hairdresser’s over looked what I call Mother Nature’s Hairstyles?

Take a close look and you’ll see that many of the classic hairstyles throughout the ages are the result of what “each hair type does naturally” when cut and shaped to unlock its style potential. The shoulder length flips, bouncy page boy, close straight and full bobs, long flowing face framing styles and beautiful bouffant  looks are all perfect examples of Mother Nature’s Hairstyles.

I’ve found that with “few exceptions” everyone is all born with a type of hair that suits them perfectly as “Mother Nature” intended. Hair didn’t happen by accident, its part of each person’s unique DNA makeup designed to complement the body and head size, face shape and unique facial features. Just as each of us is born with a “finger print” we’re also born with what I call a “hair print”. It’s a unique growth pattern and hair type that forms the “foundation” for each person’s natural hairstyle. Everyone can wear their hair long, mid length or short and one of those shapes and lengths will suit them best for any number of reasons, “styling dexterity, occupation, face shape, facial features and body size” are just a few.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t change a person’s natural hair from “curly to straight” or color from “blond to red”, even Mother Nature can use a helping hand. But before you reach for a off the rack one size fits all style ask yourself what the hair can do on its own. Look closely at the direction is grows, incorporate what it does naturally (straight, wavy, curly or combination) and design the style around it. All it takes are a few well placed snips to unlock its natural style potential for look that holds its shape as it grows, is balanced from all points of view and styles itself. With a few adjustments (trims) as it grows you can easily find the idea length and shape for a “one of a kind personal style”. Take your hair styling approach to the “Next Level” and use Mother Nature’s Hairstyle.
  1. Now that's something refreshing to hear…. never heard this kind of talk at a beauty show.

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