Polaroid Hair Styling Experience

If a picture is a thousand words than a Polaroid picture speaks volumes. To help make a new client’s first salon visit a “hair styling experience” for years I use a Polaroid Camera to take before and after pictures of their new hairstyle.

Because a new hairstyle is often a major change and happens quickly (snip, snip, snip) it’s hard for some to remember what their hair looked like minutes ago. Using a Polaroid camera has helped me point out just how much of an improvement the new style has made in their over all appearance. As a part of their introductory visit the pictures are theirs to keep along with a home studio styling kit. This extra step truly makes the visit memorable, fun and has helped bring new clients into the salon.

I’m now using the new Polaroid’s Pogo “digital camera” that lets you view and print a wallet size color picture from the camera on the spot. The Pogo comes with all the “bells and whistles” you’d expect of a 21st century camera. It’s made using a Polaroid camera more fun then ever before and is affordable to use with each print costing only 30 cents and the color and picture quality is awesome. What’s more, because it’s a digital camera you can store the images into your salon computer for future references.

For years I’ve also used Polaroid camera’s to create artistic images of every day life that I call Pola-Art. When you have time take a peek at my Polaroid Art Collection online in the Polaroid Studio.Com Gallery. And while you’re there order the new Polaroid Pogo digital camera and make your new clients first salon visit a… Polaroid Hair Styling Experience!

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