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Throughout history wigs have played a significant role in fashion. Depending on the era, wigs frequently were worn to demonstrate wealth or were associated with particular professions. During the Egyptian and Roman Empires wealthy women wore elaborate hairpieces made with wool, horse hair, vegetable fibers or human hair cut from the heads of slaves.


In contrast, people in the Far East, including China and Japan, rarely wore wigs except by actors performing in the traditional theaters (Noh or Kabuki) or by female entertainers such as the Japanese Geisha or the Korean Kisaeng. Today many actresses and entertainers have based their stage image on the use of wigs; just look at Cher, Dolly Parton, teen star Miley Cyrus, Beyonce’, Lady Gaga and most notably Raquel Welch, the actress best known for her line of trendy high fashion wigs. 

Wig manufacturers are constantly developing better wig cap construction, fit, and styles. One of the latest innovations is a new lace front wig featuring “SmartLace” technology by Jon Renau. The lace hairline is precut and ready to wear with individually hand-tied fibers along the front which allows you to style the hair off of the face and creates a completely natural hairline. It seamlessly contours to the shape of the forehead and requires no tape or adhesive to hold it in place. A Smart Lace wig is a bit more pricey but well worth the investment.


Wigs have always been expensive and out of reach of the average person until the 20th century with the development of synthetic fibers making owning a wig affordable for everyone. Synthetic wigs look and feel like natural human hair and are easier to maintain and far less expensive then human hair. One of the draw backs of synthetic hair fibers have been that they could not be exposed to heat styling tools until recently with the introduction of the “Tru2Life Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair”. This innovative fiber technology now offers the same styling options as natural human hair, making it possible to use a “flat iron, curl iron or blow dryer “ without damaging the synthetic fibers. This revolutionary heat-friendly synthetic fiber is now available in a verity of trendy styles called “Always” by Raquel Welch.

Making the decision to wear a wig can be a fun and simple way to instantly change your hair style or hair color for any occasion. For others dealing with hair loss due to medical conditions wearing a wig can be a very emotional decision. In the past it was pretty easy to tell if a woman was wearing a wig however with the new technology in wig making today; it is almost impossible to tell if a woman is wearing a wig. Regardless of your reasons for investing in a wig making sure you’re wearing it properly can make all the difference. A visit to your hair stylist for a custom shaping is well worth the time and investment. See www.wigs.com
  1. George, do you find that people with full heads of hair are wearing wigs? I know that hair extensions and clip in ones are very popular these days and have been for quite some time, but how do you feel about wigs for added style?

  2. As a stylist working on movies over the years we have found the use of wigs very valuable.As for people that wear wigs I would say they do so to achieve a style that their hair does not do naturally or easily.

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