Hydrogen Powered Hair Care

The term “pH” originates from the French term ‘pouvoir hydrogen’ (or Hydrogen Power) and has since been expressed as “parts of hydrogen”. The symbol “pH” refers to the amount of hydrogen ions found in a substance and determines the acidity or alkalinity. As an example of the effects of (pH / parts of Hydrogen), distilled water (H2O) which has a pH neutral (7.0) can swell the hair by as much as 20 percent.

Hair is made of: Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulfur. The Hydrogen bonds in the hair are responsible for approximately 35% of the strength and 50% of the hair’s elasticity (some would argue up to 99.9% of the hair’s elasticity). It’s the hydrogen bonds which allow us to change the shape of the hair temporarily with the aid of water (H2O). Hair has a normal pH level of between 4.5 – 5.5 and acidic or alkaline solutions can “raise or lower the pH level” of the hair causing physical changes. It’s this amazing feature that makes hair styling possible.

High quality shampoo’s with a pH (5.5-6.5) are designed to maintain the normal elasticity while Conditioners and Treatments with a pH (3.5) contract the hair shaft, smoothing its surface and lock in moisture. Clarifying shampoos with higher pH level (6.5-7.5) swell the hair shaft and allow the surfactants to remove heavy oil, wax and styling sprays.

Styling Aids with enhanced conditioning features and a low pH level insure a smooth surface and shine. Hair Relaxers and Permanent Wave solutions are formulated with a high pH level to soften the hair and weaken the Hydrogen and Sulfur bonds to reform or remove curl. In addition, Hydrogen Peroxide with a (high pH) swells the hair to allow color penetration.

There are many elements that make up 21st century professional hair care products and “hydrogen powered” pH balanced formula’s are no doubt one of their most important features. You’ll get more miles out of your style with “hydrogen powered” salon hair care products.

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