The Hot Air "Round" Hair Styling Brush

As long as people have had hair, they have needed some way to tame tangles and most importantly, show off their personal style. Hair brushes have been around for thousands of years, but changed dramatically in the mid 20th century with the introduction of space age plastic and synthetic fibers. What started out as a very basic implement, the hair brush has morphed into a highly specialized styling tool. One example is the “hot air round styling brush”.

Blow dry hair styling can be a time-consuming and awkward process involving holding a hair dryer in one hand and styling brush in the other. The hot air round styling brush combines a hair dryer and round styling brush making it easy to handle and shortens the drying time without damaging the hair. The effects are the same as using a round brush and blow dryer, though not nearly as challenging. Hot air blows out from the center of the round brush barrel, drying and styling your hair at the same time. Independent heat and speed settings with 1500 watts of styling power and round brush attachments adjusts for any hair length providing endless styling options.

The hot air round brush is one of my favorite hair styling tools! The ultra light slim, pro-style handle is ergonomically designed to reduce wrist strain. This streamlined beauty comes with all the “bell’s and whistles” you’d expect in the 21st century. The Tourmaline crystals inside the dryer’s round barrel send out negative ions (good stuff) to seal the hairs surface layer and control frizz. Simultaneously, the ceramic far-infrared heat preserves moisture inside the hair shaft for a super shine. The air flow is increased by 40% while the ionic generator breaks up water molecules to further speed drying time. And if time is money, then this bad boy says….ca ching!

While the top of the line hot air styling brush is geared toward repeated use by professionals, they can be beneficial for personal use as they will no doubt last longer and give you professional results. If you’re willing to pay a few extra dollars a professional hot air round styling brush is well worth the investment.
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