Star Hair Style / Jay Leno / How To Get The Look

Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national past time. One such star hair style is Hollywood talk show host Jay Leno. His dapper tousled hair style and boyish good looks are irresistible to women attracted to the creative types and quiet the catch for those babes looking for a few giggles.

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: Do you sometimes get a feeling your hair style and gray hair is making you look passé? Before you throw in the towel, take a styling lesson from Jay Leno and watch heads turn when you stroll by looking “dapper and oh so stylish” in a grown up way. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping.

LET’S SHAPE IT: To get the look start with a contoured silhouette for volume with mid length sideburns and taper neckline stylishly at or over the collar. For those looking for a “no fuzz finger combed style this puppy fill the bill and almost styles itself. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your style.

LET’S STYLE IT: Start with a dab of shaping gel or nothing at all. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a quick once over with a blow dryer for a full look. After, polish it off with a dab of styling cream or natural hold hair spray and your good to go.

LET’S ADD SIDEBURNS: Nothing can reshape a face or add a dramatic look like facial hair. Sideburns for example can be full, close, long, short or narrow. This simple addition can make large ears appear smaller or a narrow faces wider and definitely add a stylish or artsy look. Include tapered mid length sideburns and you’ve got the look.

NOW, LETS COLOR IT: If you’re not up for coloring your hair but want to do something about the gray a temporary “foaming color rinse” used twice a week following a shampoo will give it a ”brilliant platinum” hue. This extra step is well worth the time for a “foxy look” and all the extra attention you’ll get.

Jay Leno’s dapper style cut is both casual and buttoned down at the same time making it ready for any occasion. The finger combed contoured silhouette fits the shape of your head perfectly and looks great from all points of view. The color rinse has given your dull lifeless gray hair color a brilliant foxy snow white hue”. Head will turn and your pal’s will be green with envy when they see the babes making a fuss over you and your new look.

Disclaimer: the star image here is solely for entertainment. Should the star image featured here wish it to be removed please let me know and it will be removed.
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