The Bobbed Style Cut / Simple, Classic Timeless

In the 1920s and 1930s American fashion began to assert itself and soon gained world recognition. Hollywood was instrumental in providing the world with the stage to show case the latest looks for concepts of dressing with feminine allure and glamour. Women of all ages demanded the same exciting new hair fashions and beauty products as the film icons and stars wore and so “hair stylists and beauty products” became important in their own right.

You may not know the name but must have seen the picture. Louise Brooks was the famous flapper of her era. She was a model as well as an actress and frequently appeared in advertisements. Louise bore no resemblance to anything vaguely Edwardian and embodied the spirit of the Jazz Age. Her distinctive crisp modern black bob hair style often worn with bangs and makeup was her trademark. The flapper era worshipped young people and Louise Brooks was the Agyness Dyan of her day with her signature image of a modern women.

This simple avant-garde hairstyle with an edgy touch (fringe and color) offers young girls a modern trendy look as much today as in the past. The classic bob (short or long) is adaptable to all hair types, easy to wear and looks crisp and modern, making the jump from long to short as simple as “snip, snip, snip”. With a few adjustments (trims) its easy to find the ideal length and shape for your style. For all those looking to trade in their long “girlish locks” for a new sophisticated, chic trendy hairstyle, a Classic Bob is the perfect place to start.

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