The Back Room Syndrome.

Where is the back room you might ask? It’s usually the room that is what professionals call “The Dispensary”. This is the room usually in the back of the Salon or hidden from the main Salon area. Unfortunately, many employees spend way too much time there. This seems to be a common issue with many Salons and it needs to be addressed more by Owners and Managers.
Whatever an employees role may be, they are usually ALWAYS needed for a task or to simply help the operation run smoothly. For the most part, you will find Assistants in the back room or hidden somewhere if they are not actually busy working. Many Salon Owners face this dilema. Some address it and some ignore it, meanwhile their Salon is not running up to par because of a lack of work ethic.
Employees need to be seen and must present themselves to be busy at all times unless they are taking a break. Hiding in the back room, kitchen, outside or anywhere where you have to search 15 minutes to find them is not acceptable. If you do find them, they are usually on their cell phones texting away.
Do any Salon Owners suffer from this issue?
TheSalonGuy wants to know!

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