Famous Sideburns / Fringe Benefits

Nothing can reshape a face or add a dramatic look like facial hair (bread, mustache, goatee and sideburns) and the fringe benefits are many. Facial hair styles can accent your best features or mask its irregularities. Sideburns can be styled; short, mid-length, long, close cropped or full depending on the natural growth pattern, coverage and density of the bread. Those with thick whiskers can wear any style imaginable. This simple addition can make large ears appear small, a narrow face wider, accent cheek bones and definitely adds an artsy and stylish look. Many men make the mistake of using their earlobes as a guide but they are not always the same height. To match the length place your index fingers at the bottoms of the sideburns and imagine a line between them running across the face.

If your up for a totally new look, before you start “sporting sideburns” take a look at how many notable Hollywood Actors and Entertainers use sideburn styles for the rolls they portray and to enhance their personal appearance.

Short stubby burns stop at the top of the ear and kept at their natural width. To keep the burns from looking bushy they are trimmed frequently. Stubby sideburns are best for short contoured hair styles and those with small and wide face shapes and sparse facial hair.

Mid-length burns are kept just at the cartilage in the middle of the ear and add width to a narrow face shape and full to cover large ears. Mid-length burns can be narrow or full and suit all hair styles, especially full contoured silhouettes.

Long burns can be flared slightly at the bottom as long as they don’t dip below the hollow of the cheek unless you want a western or dramatic look. Long burns can be wide, narrow or full and complement longer hair styles. Long plunging burns follow the natural jaw line ending just before the chin. This was a popular fashion in the 1800’s called “mutton chops”.

If this is your first time wearing sideburns you may be surprised to see they are gray. If you don’t like the look you can use an eye brow pencil (the same shade as your natural color) and make-up brush to temporally cover over the gray. Because facial hair is course and resistant to hair dye its best to visit a salon colorist if you chose to use a permanent hair color. They can guide you through the process and select the best shade to match you natural color.

Because whiskers grow fast sideburns must be shaped and trim weekly with a clipper, shears and razor. If you’re up for totally new look grow your sideburns out for week and visit a salon hair stylist to find the best style for your unique face shape and features.
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