How about a "Tax Deductible" Haircut?

With the high cost of grooming today the vast majority of American’s can not afford to visit a salon. I have a solution, a “tax deductible hair cut “. It would jump-start the economy, stimulate the beauty industry and improve America’s face value.

A simple $100 per year credit (deduction) for grooming would go along way to cover the cost for this “healthy service” our professional (salon & spa’s) provide. As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good and that’s the true essence of what we provide. It’s much more then a hair do’ or an accessory to fashion.

Think of what this would do to turn the recession around, stimulate the beauty industry and help everyone afford to look their best. Because of the high cost of having your hair cut, shape, colored and styled only a small faction of the 300 million + American’s can afford to visit a salon. As a result the vast majority of American’s have never experienced what a salon visit can do to lift their spirit, build confidence and appearance both physically and emotionally,

Oh by the way, let’s not leave out “education”. Our aging beauty industry desperately needs young men and women in all areas of personal care. It’s an ideal career for those with an artist’s eye and caring personality. How about a grant for those students entering the field and those that operate the schools? The cost to enroll in a beauty college today is out of reach to the vast majority. And the expense to operating a beauty college is enormous.

Many of you reading this thought provoking subject may get a “few giggles” out of it, but people in the public eye and entertainment industry have been deducting personal care for years, legally. And many corporations and businesses require their employee’s to look well groomed at their own expense and hair is a big part of that.

We tax payer’s have been clipped for years, isn’t time for a trim in the form of a tax deductible hair cut”? Your comments welcomed

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