A Hair Style Picture Is A 1000 Words

When Jean Harlow stepped onto the screen with her bleach blonde hair women rushed to salons asking for Harlow’s color and style. Today Angelina Jolie’s romantic hair styles and plumped up lips and tattoo’s are all the rage. Velantino’s slicked back hair style had men wearing pomade and today, Johnny Depp’s pencil thin mustache and goatee has men sporting his “style pirate look”. Drawing inspiration form the hair styles and fashion of the stars continues to drive people to the salon. Some things never change.

I’m sure you’ve had many people over the years take a seat in your styling chair and pull out a picture of a star or celebrities hair style. I personally love it. A hair style picture is the perfect style consultation starting point. It gives me a visual idea of what type of style someone is interested in and says allot about their personality and fashion sense. A picture is especially helpful when looking for a hair color they would like to achieve. As it has been said; A PICTURE IS A 1000 WORDS.

Movie Star’s change their hair styles often for the many rolls they play. Each Star Hair Style I’ve posted here will show their most recent hair styles and is written in a light heart style with styling tips, recommendations and a few giggles long the way.

The Star Hair Styles beauty column’s I’ve posted here on “thesalonguy” are meant to inspire and encourage the general public to visit a salon stylist’s and make their hair shine like the stars and celebrities they most admire and would like to emulate. And also keep hair stylist’s current with the star styles that the public are most interested in. Please let me know what Star Hair Styles you’d like to see. . Live Your Dreams !

Disclaimer: The star images featured here are solely for entertainment.
Should any star or their representative wish them to be removed, simply let use know.

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