Star Hair Styles / Johnny Depp / How To Get The Look

Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pastime. One such star whose hair style is a must-have look is Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp. Never one to follow the crowd, Johnny has always created his own unique look. You might say Johnny is a modern day “style pirate.”

To Get the Look:
Do you sometimes feel like you’re the “invisible dude” at a party?
Do you wish there was a way to get those hot ties to check you out? If that’s the case, take a styling lesson from Johnny Depp. But be careful what you wish for; this head turning coif is a major “babe magnet”. So be prepared to take names and cell phone numbers when you show up at the party. To get the look, let’s take it one step at a time, starting with style cut and shaping.

Let’s Shape It:
To get the look;
start with a layered shiloette with long face framing “love locks” for a seductive look and neckline stylishly over the collar. This artsy coif is best suited for straight or slightly wavy hair and slender face shapes like Johnny’s. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows, you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your style.

Let’s Style It:
To jump-start your style;
just run a dab of shaping gel or mousse through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer for a volume. To turn on the “babe magnet” effect, when dry, add a dab of foaming pomade through the top and comb one side over the ear and you’ve got the look.

Let’s Add Whiskers:
Nothing can reshape a face
or add a dramatic look like facial hair. This simple addition can make large ears appear smaller, a narrow chin wider, cover a ruddy complexion and definitely adds a touch of style or artsy look. Include close mid-length sideburns with a slim mustache and thin goatee for Johnny’s “artsy style pirate” look.

Now, Let’s Color It:
Movie actors change their hair color often for the many roles they play, so dying their hair is no big deal. If your natural hair color is light or dark brown and beginning to gray around the edges, trade it in for Johnny Depp’s deep “raven black” hue. After, add a clear glaze to seal in the color and turn on the shine. This “extra step” will cost a few bucks but what the hell, it’s a small price to pay for all the attention you’ll get!

Johnny Depp’s Head Turning Style with a tapered neckline stylishly over the collar and sexy face-framing “love locks” is loaded with sex appeal. The mustache, goatee and blue-black hair color gives you that artsy look and is just what you need to stop those babe’s dead in their tracks. So be prepared to take names and cell phone numbers when you show up to the party with your Johnny Depp “style pirate look”.

What Star Hair Style would you like to see featured here?

Disclaimer: The star images featured here are solely for entertainment.
Should any star or their representative wish them removed, simply let us know.
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