Salon Home Hair Care Experience

Allot is written about the features, benefits and magical or rare ingredients used in many Shampoos and Conditioners today. But very little is said about how to use them for maximum benefits. Most simply says; apply shampoo to wet hair, leather, rinse__apply conditioner, wait a few minutes and rinse. Here’s how to turn your home shampoo and conditioning treatment into a “Salon Hair Care Experience”.

Empirical research has shown that daily use of pressure point “scalp massage” is a most effective way to stimulate circulation, relax tense scalp muscles and assure healthy hair growth. To begin with, slide your fingers through the hair starting at the temples where the blood enters the scalp. Press, Rotate and Slide fingers up to loosen the scalp and encourage circulation using this main pressure point when shampooing and conditioning the hair.

To prepare the hair and scalp for shampoo, brush the hair from back to front. Brushing before shampooing lift dandruff and excess oil from the scalp, removes tangles and stimulates scalp circulation.

For a more thorough cleansing of the hair and scalp, apply shampoo to “WET HAIR” starting at the back of head where hair is thickest. To assure a more even coverage bring the shampoo up under the hair all around the hairline using pressure point massage. One application is recommended for daily use and a second shampooing if hair has not been shampooed for more then three days. To control oily scalps and remove styling aid buildup, apply shampoo to “DRY HAIR” from back to front and wet to active a deep cleansing action. Rinse and apply a second shampoo. This dry application procedure will turn any shampoo into a mild clarifying shampoo treatment.

Apply the condition in the same way as a shampoo (from back to front and all around the hairline) using pressure point massage to spread it evenly through the hair. After “wrap a hot steam towel over the conditioner” to deep cleanse scalp pore openings and encourage conditioning penetration. This relaxing and stimulating two-minute steam towel treatment is a most effective way to remove styling aid build up, dandruff and control oily scalp conditions.

To help remove excess shampoo and conditioner, close scalp pore openings and firm the hair fiber to reduce limpness, rinse thoroughly with cool water for 30 seconds. Hair will dry faster, and stay cleaner with additional sheen and body for styling.

Make Your Shampoo & Conditioning Procedure a….
“Salon Home Hair Care Experience”.

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