Pricing Your Hair Styling / Work Smarter Not Harder

The only way this high art form which I call “Personal Enhancement” will be one that young people can enter and make a better living (income) then flipping burger’s is when our profession becomes one that prices its service like any Licensed Professional that has spent a great deal of time in Beauty College and practiced their craft.

In my option $25 should be a entry level for both men and women’s styling in every salon in the country. And stylist’s should increase their basic haircut and color price by at least $2 for every year there in the business.

In five years you should be charging $35 and in 10 years $45 and in 15 years $55 and in 20 years you will be a “master stylist” and change accordingly $65.

From this point on you should charge more for “first time client visits” and maintain your regular price point or charge more if you wish at any time if you feel the market will bear it. In this way you will never have to think about raising your prices or wish you had done so sooner.

If you have not increased your styling service for five years don’t wait any longer. Raise it by $2 for every year you’ve missed. And let everyone know that this is a “cost of doing business”.

PS: You can raise your styling price at any time but never charge less the $25. And give everyone a “Hair Styling Experience” not a slam dunk ! This is how I’ve practiced and addressed the subject of PRICING the art for 40 years.
Work smarter… Not Harder! Comments welcomed
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