Looking For The Perfect Hair Style / Ask George

Have you never been totally satisfied with the way your hair looks? Do you think or feel your hair is hopelessly just too; thin, thick, wavy, curly straight, frizzy and no hair style you’ve ever seen or tried seem be right for you? Well you’re not alone. Over 75% of those asked if they felt comfortable with the way their hair looks even after they left the beauty salon said _NO.

Not to worry, I’ll show you how to “unlock you’re unique natural hair style” for a style that suits you perfectly from all points of view and almost styles itself. Sounds like a “dream or mission impossible” right? Trust me it’s much easier then you ever imagined.

There are many elements to consider when selecting a hair style; hair type and texture, face shape and facial features, head and body size, hair and eye color, styling dexterity, your personality and life style to name just a few. Your style consultation will be more then a “Make-Over”. For some this will be an eye opening “Start-Over” and put you on the right track and end your search for the “Perfect Hair Style” .

Let’s get started. Click here georgecaroll.com and fill out your Personal Style Consultation Form. I’ll look it over with a fine tooth comb and send you back a few style suggestions and styling recommendations for you to consider.

PS:: If you live in or around Hollywood, California give us a call (818-980-3210) or see the Studio Style Salon Special Introductory Offer online.
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