Hair Tips Anyone?

Anyone have any useful styling tips to share? Whether you are a Stylist or Client, please feel free to share some of your styling tips. Men and women.
Here are a few of TheSalonGuy’s tips:

1) If you like to wash your hair the night before and go to bed with your hair wet, but wake up with your hair a mess, I suggest putting some product in it before you go to bed so it is a bit more controlled when you wake up!
2) Looking for that supermodel beach curl or wave? Simply dry your hair as smooth as you can to get out the frizz, section your hair from ear to ear and then from the middle/front of your hairline down to the back of your neck. Spray a thermal protecting spray or a light hair spray to protect your hair from the heat, then take a few 1 inch sections starting at the front and wrap the hair around an OPEN curling iron, DON’T close it, hold it foe about 10 seconds, then UNWRAP the hair from the iron. You will have a nice loose curl. (Be sure to hold the end of the hair at all times while wrapping around the iron and watch your fingertips. You won’t be able to wrap the ends around the iron so be careful)
3) Hey guys, looking for that dry, textured look? Use a paste over a gel. Paste provided a dry matt finish and gel provides a wet, firm look.

Please share more tips. TheSalonGuy wants to know!

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